134 Main Street - PO BOX 651
North Adams, MA 01247

From Valerie Schwarz, Former Executive Director

“Recently, a woman called from out of town and said she googled the words “SNAP benefits in North Adams” and the Berkshire Food Project (BFP) was the first name on the list, so she called. She told me her daughter was in a car accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. She went on to tell me her daughter needed food, but didn't know the first thing about applying for benefits; I was able to help them both through the process and encouraged her daughter to join us for lunch each day , and she agreed to do. This woman has made some great friends in the lunch-room and looks forward to seeing them every day. She is also now receiving SNAP benefits and feels healthier eating the daily meals the BFP provides. This woman called me back not too long ago to tell me she was happy to hear an actual voice on the phone that day and that the needs of her daughter were taken care of quickly.”