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SNAP Assistance

Despite the help food stamps can offer, Massachusetts still has one of the lowest SNAP participation rates in the country.  To help offset this problem, the BerkshireFood Project is partnering with Project Bread, to increase the enrollment and awareness of the Food Stamp Program.

The Berkshire Food Project is providing application assistance to clients by using Project Bread's online food stamp application. This program, in partnership withthe Department of Transitional Assistance, gives eligible applicants a convenient, supportive, and secure way to access benefits online.

The electronic process provides greater convenience.   Applicants can apply in theirneighborhood; they can work with a consumer advocate who speaks their language and coaches them through the process; and the program gives applicants a unique tracking number and confirmed time and date to submission, eliminating guesswork about when the application started processing.  The online application also generates step-by-step instructions on how the process works and a personalized list of verifications each applicant will need to mail or fax to complete the submission.

Interested applicants can find the latest information about applying by calling Valerie Schwarz at the Berkshire Food Project at 413-664-7378.   

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